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PhD position, 2024 (1)

Multimodal human-machine interactions for bedridden people Thesis subject for doctorate in computer science, BCI team, CRIStAL laboratory, University of Lille, campaign 2024 PhD thesis 2024-2027 in computer science Location: Lille (CRIStAL, CNRS, University of Lille, in Villeneuve d’Ascq), BCI team Thesis supervisor: José Rouillard (MdC HDR, CRIStAL, BCI, University of Lille) Funding: Scholarship from the …

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PhD position, 2022

In the framework of the European project GENESIS, led by the BCI team of the University of Lille (UMR CRIStAL) in collaboration with Inria, ETH Zürich, Koç University and University of Essex, we propose a thesis offer on the subject :   “Detecting neuromarkers through a passive Brain-Computer Interface for improving user experience in Virtual …

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