Arrival of Gaël Van der Lee

Gaël Van der Lee

Gaël joins the team as a PhD student, from December 2022 to November 2025. He tells us more about his thesis subject:

During my thesis, I will be working on the GENESIS project which sits at the intersection of Brain Computer Interfaces and Virtual Reality. Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) allow users to interact with computer systems through their brain activity. Virtual Reality (VR) technology could benefit from BCIs, but VR has not yet reached its full potential due to difficulties in characterizing users’ mental states during interaction and adapting virtual content accordingly. Users can experience cybersickness and breaks in presence and immersion while using VR. The objective of the GENESIS project is to improve VR immersion by using a BCI to evaluate users’ mental states in real-time and adapt virtual content accordingly. The project aims to investigate neurophysiological markers associated with cybersickness and VR anomalies, build on signal processing methods for real-time classification of these markers, and provide mechanisms for adapting virtual content to the estimated mental states.