BCI at the RIC day


The BCI team participated in the RIC day, this 09/12/2018!

This event, now annual, was created to promote Research, Innovation and Creativity among Master of Computer Science students, from Ecole Centrale de Lille, IMT Lille Douai and Polytech’Lille, nearly 300 students.

A day dedicated to computer research in all its forms: fundamental research, applied resarch, R&D, innovation, start-ups, industrial transfer …

This day is open to everyone, even if it is specifically intended for students for whom computer science is an important part of their training.


Supervising SSSEP experiments with a Bluetooth Android remote control application

Presentation of our mobile application to send BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) commands to a Bluno Arduino, controlling a vibrotactile device.

As part of BCI research on SSSEP (Steady State Somatosensory Evoked Potential), this allows an experimenter to send from an Android smartphone a vibration command at a particular frequency (between 5 and 250 Hz in theory, but often around 14 to 32 Hz in practice), in order to search in the EEG of the user, who receives this vibration under his finger, markers of physiological resonance at the frequency studied.

Article Title: “Supervising SSSEP experiments with a Bluetooth Android remote control application”. Authors: Jose Rouillard, François Cabestaing, Jean-Marc Vannobel, Marie-Hélène Bekaert. International Conference: AHFE 2018 (http://ahfe2018.org/, Orlando, FL, USA, 2018.