Master 2 trainee in the BCI team working on SSSEP

The BCI team welcomes Mr Oussama SADDOUK, M2 Master trainee of the University of Lorraine, from March to July 2018.

The research topic is: SSSEP brain-computer interface.

In the field of brain-computer interfaces, the so-called “SSSEP” (Steady State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials) approach is still little studied. It is based on the somatosensory evoked potentials at steady state. In other words, it is sought to detect brain waves that are recorded by EEG (electroencephalography) information to detect a brain activity of the patient in response to a stimulation applied on a part of the body of this patient (vibration under the finger or the wrist for example). This research internship proposal aims to study the SSSEP to bring new possibilities of interaction through this type of BCI.

We would like to welcome Mr Oussama SADDOUK to the BCI team of the CRIStAL laboratory.

Oussama Saddouk testing the Emotiv EPOC helmet

Oussama SADDOUK testing the Emotiv EPOC helmet