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François Cabestaing


francois [dot] cabestaing [at]

Professor in the Mechanical Engineering department of IUT A, Lille University.

Researcher in the BCI team of CRIStAL, UMR CNRS 9189.

Tél.: +33 3 20 43 42 88, fax: +33 3 20 43 65 67


François Cabestaing, publications

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François Cabestaing, research

Since 2004, I have been working toward developing brain-computer interfaces for the compensation of severe motor disabilities. Before that, during almost 10 years, I have developed techniques for processing and analyzing image sequences and pairs of stereoscopic images. Brain-machine interfaces My first research axis, followed in collaboration with Marie-Hélène Bekaert and Claudine Lecocq, concerns ergonomy …

François Cabestaing, responsibilities

Current responsibilities Elected member of the CRIStAL laboratory board since 2015. President of CORTICO, French BCI association, since 2017. Elected member of the IFRATH steering committee since 2006. Head of the BCI team of CRIStAL since 2015. Appointed member of the GRAISyHM scientific board since July 2018. Former responsibilities Elected member of the IUT A …

François Cabestaing, supervision

PhD theses 2013-2016, Alban Duprès “Interface cerveau-machine hybride pour pallier le handicap causé par la myopathie de Duchenne”, 50% co-supervision with José Rouillard (MCF at CRIStAL, Univ. Lille). Committee (not including supervisors): Franck Tarpin-Bernard (committee president), Valérie Louis-Dorr (reviewer), Guy Bourhis (reviewer), Vincent Tiffreau (examiner). 2006-2010, Hachem Halawana “Partial demosaicing of CFA images for stereo …

Francois Cabestaing, teaching

Postgraduate level MSc, second year, Image, Vision, Interaction, Fall term, VisA course: 3D modeling, camera calibration, stereovision MSc, first year, Computer Science, Winter term, RdF: pattern recognition Undergraduate level, BS MICVI professional degree, UE1: industrial control MICVI professional degree, UE7: machine vision Undergraduate level, professional degree Mechanical Engineering department, second year, Fall term, M3214 course: …

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